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Title: Pain; pair: KadajxCloud

Title: Pain
Author: dafadarian
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A bit of blood/cutting.
Summary: Kadaj likes inflicting a bit of pain
Critique Wanted: Yes
Dedication: I'll give this one to chibi_nataku, too, because I don't know who else might want it >_>
Anything Else: I'm not sure if this one came out as well as I was wanting. I'm still getting the hang of it, but I think I'm satisfied with it.

Kadaj leaned with his shoulders pressed against the brick wall, his head slightly tilted as he peered into intense blue eyes mere inches from his own. His hand slowly reached out and gripped the blond’s throat lightly- just enough pressure that he couldn’t be ignored- and gently pushed Cloud away from himself, slipping himself out from between the other man and the wall. Keeping his eyes locked with Cloud’s, he turned and began walking backward, pulling Cloud with him, though keeping him at arm’s reach. The day was getting warm, and he could feel a hot tingle in his lower belly, and he wanted to enjoy and explore the sensation before it faded away.

Cloud followed him obediently- just as expected, though he suspected the other man might struggle again at any moment, and so he raised Souba again and held the sharp blades firmly against the exposed skin of the other’s throat, putting just enough pressure against him that if he struggled, he would find himself bleeding. The blond tilted his head up slightly, eyebrows raising in a silent question, and Kadaj merely smiled as he guided them to the door to the apartment. He needed to drop his hand holding the other man’s throat in order to open the door, and lifting his own eyebrow, he softly ordered, “Don’t move, or I’ll cut you.”

Slowly, he released his grip on Cloud, but he kept Souba close, and reached behind himself, grabbing at the doorknob and slowly turning it. Pushing the door open, he turned his head slightly to check that the way was clear, but a movement caught his eye just as he felt a pressure on his chest. Turning back to look at the blond, he saw that Cloud had raised a hand and moved it to grab at the side of his jacket, perhaps in a defiant attempt of retaking control. Smirking, Kadaj lowered his head just a little and pressed the twin blades of his sword against the soft, pliant flesh of Cloud’s throat, giving it a light flick of his wrist to open a wound there.

His efforts were rewarded instantly when Cloud flinched and hissed as blood began to flow, coming to a sudden halt, his blue eyes darting down to look at the weapon held against his skin, and then slowly he looked up again to Kadaj, meeting his eyes. Kadaj stared back, pressing Souba a little more against Cloud’s neck, satisfied at the sight of crimson rivulets slowly making their way down to his collar bone. The sight of them caused the tingle in his belly to grow, and he allowed a soft moan to escape his lips as he leaned forward, first teasingly letting his lips press against Cloud’s in the barest hint of a kiss, but then he trailed them across the blond’s jaw, licking lightly as he went.

Lowering Souba, Kadaj raised his free hand to cup Cloud’s cheek, holding him close and he lightly kissed his flesh, making his way toward the two cuts he’d left on Cloud’s throat. First, he inhaled deeply, taking in his scent, letting it play across the receptors within his nostrils, and then he opened his mouth, breathing more deeply so that he could taste the masculine fragrance, the musky odour of light sweat. Then, tentatively at first, then more confident, he lapped at the blood, drawing it into his mouth and savouring it before licking again.

He felt the blond press his throat more firmly against his lips, and he eagerly began to suck on the wounds, pulling more blood from the cuts, and slowly raising a bruise to the surface. Kadaj’s hand on the blond's face slid up into his spiked hair and curled around the locks there, holding firmly and pulling Cloud’s head to the side, exposing more throat for his attentions. He heard Cloud moan softly, and his muscled body pressed more against Kadaj’s own, sending another sharp tingle through his belly and spreading slowly around his groin.

“You taste sweet,” he whispered at the blond after pulling away from his throat. Looking up into Cloud’s face again, he awaited an answer, but when no words followed his own, he lowered his head again and pressed his teeth firmly against Cloud’s throat, raking them over the skin hard before opening his jaws again to bite down, aggressively pulling and tugging at the skin caught between his teeth. He felt Cloud’s body shudder slightly, heard him gasp softly, and in response, he bit down again, his grip on Cloud’s hair tightening and pulling firmly to keep him immobile.

Releasing his grip on the hair, he gave Cloud a slight push and then grabbed his chin, turning Cloud’s face to look at him. The other man’s chin was still bloody from the swipe from Souba, and Kadaj smiled at the sight of it before lapping it clean. “I should make you cut yourself for me,” he said and stared into those beautiful blue eyes, watching intently as he caught his own reflection there. The response given to him was a soft grunt, and he cocked his head to the side, peering at him through the silver lock of hair that fell in front of his face, trying to decipher whether the noise was one of approval or defiance.

No matter, he thought to himself, and slid his hand down to hold Cloud’s throat again. Stepping through the open door at his back, he dragged Cloud along with him, stopping only long enough to order the large sword to be dropped, and then strode purposefully over to the couch. His prey followed easily enough, and Kadaj narrowed his eyes slightly as he shoved Cloud down to the couch and then towered above him, Souba still in hand. The blond had gone complacent, placid, and that would not do, not at all. Placing a foot on the couch to Cloud’s left, Kadaj leaned down close to him, raising Souba and turning the sword so that the blades rested against Cloud’s right cheek.

“Struggle for me,” he ordered, his voice low, and he reached out to grab Cloud’s hair again, giving it a light yank to illicit a reaction. The blond gazed back up at him, his lips pursing, his eyebrows knitting together, but then he suddenly turned his head, and Kadaj even felt him push against the sword’s blades, and two fresh cuts opened up on his cheek, the blood quickly running down the side of his face. Cloud immediately squeezed his eyes shut, another soft hiss issuing from his lips. Grinning, Kadaj removed the weapon and held it down to his side.

“Oh good, good,” he whispered, his eyes intently trained on the red blood standing starkly against Cloud’s pale skin. “I’m going to teach you to want me to hurt you.”
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