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Title: Pleasant Awakening; Pair: KadajxCloud

Title: Pleasant Awakening
Author: dafadarian
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Smut. Fluff?
Summary: KadajxCloud. Smut. Fluff. One-off.
Critique Wanted: Yes
Dedication: I don't think I need to say, but yet again it's chibi_nataku. She gets loads of pressies from me >_>
Anything Else: I really enjoyed writing this one. Moreso than the other four. It came out a bit fluffier than I intended, but meh, Kadaj isn't always a hardass wanting a fight, he has tender moments, too. Also, this is my first ever smut, so if you have critique, be gentle >_>

Kadaj stood in nothing more than clinging black silk boxers, one arm extended and pressed against the window frame, as he stared out into the darkness of the beach. He could just make out the waves crashing and rolling upon the sandy beach, the reflected light from the moon shimmering and glinting off the water, dazzling his eyes with little flashes of silver within the night. The cool, salty scent of the sea permeated the air, and the roar of the ocean rumbled up along the land toward the cabin, drowning out almost everything else, and sending a soothing throb through his chest.

He had only been at the beach for a few days, an escape from the rigors and stresses of the “real world” that buzzed and screamed within the concrete prison of Midgar, where people rushed along in a mad panic, where the constant sound of civilisation induced anxiety and claustrophobia. Here, at least, the world was quiet and serene, and he could think.

The silver hair man did wonder from time to time how his brothers would react to such a vacation and a loss of him for a few days, though they knew the location of the cabin and could call if the mood struck them, he did know that they did not approve of his choices or his actions. It was one stress that he could not escape- and one that he was unwilling to compromise on. He would be willing to sacrifice anything- anything but this.

Green eyes darted along the beach for another moment, scanning the distance and searching for anything interesting that might hold his attention and keep him in the dark living room, watching the ocean- but there was nothing else out there now, merely gulls flitting two and fro and arguing and squawking with disgruntled glee as they argued over the remains of a crab or a fish.

Shoving off the windowsill, he dropped his arm down to his side and scratched an itch on his right thigh. With one last look to the window and the night beyond, he just shook his head and sighed. “What Kadaj wants, Kadaj gets,” he muttered beneath his breath and then turned, pacing through the living room.

His feet whispered along the hardwood floor, his steps nearly silent as he padded softly to the hallway leading down to the bedroom. Despite the darkness, he managed to avoid slamming a toe into any furniture, or cracking a kneecap on the coffee table, and reached the hallway. Here, he extended his left hand, running his fingertips along the wall, the grain of the wood coarse and stubbly beneath his touch. It was a far cry from the brick of the house he had been living in while in Midgar, and he found that he preferred it.

Reaching the end of the hallway, he turned left and came to a stop in the doorway to the bedroom. Here, the curtains were drawn and the window pulled open, allowing the breeze wafting off the beach to enter the room, giving it a pleasant aroma of seawater. He could hear the calls of the birds outside, the sound of them somewhat eerie and disconcerting, followed by the rustle of the dry grass growing sparely under the window.

Looking around, his eyes fell upon the bed- it was situated with the headboard centred on one wall, parallel with the window. The sheets were dark, blending into the shadows, making it impossible to discern just where the bed stopped and the rest of the room began, and laying atop it, was a pale body. Only torso and above was visible, the quilt bunched up around his waist, leaving finely chiselled abs in view, with a soft play of light and shadow illuminating the curves of muscle.

One arm was curled up onto the blond’s chest, tucked tightly against his body, the hand flat and fingers splayed out over his collar bone. Kadaj could make out the faint rise and fall of Cloud’s chest as he breathed slowly, lost in slumber, and even the occasional twitch and spasm of fingers was noticeable from the distance of the doorway. Cloud’s head was turned slightly to his left, exposing the side of his throat, the flesh smooth and flawless in the low light. His pale skin almost glowed in the moonlight streaming through the window, standing out starkly against the black sheets.

“This is what I claim for myself,” Kadaj whispered as he let his gaze rove over Cloud’s face, taking in the serene look he found there as the blond slept. “And no one will take it from me.”

Slowly, he approached the bed, shuffling his feet slightly to feel out the floor before stepping, and came to stand beside it. Tilting his head down, his silver hair shifting across his face and tickling his cheek, he looked first from Cloud’s brow, just visible as the moonlight lightly illuminated his face, and then down to his navel, where the dip of his belly button was nothing more than a black pool. Kadaj slipped his boxers down, the materia hissing softly against his skin as they slid down his legs, and then he dropped them to the floor where they disappeared into the shadows.

Carefully, he climbed onto the bed, pausing for a moment when he creaked softly and Cloud shifted, the fingers of his right hand curling slightly to scratch at his chest. Then, when the blond settled down again, he continued to pull himself onto the mattress and then sit next to the other man. Reaching out with one hand, he extended his arm and then lowered his palm to just above touching the other’s skin. He could feel the heat radiating off, a soft warmth rising against his palm.

Gingerly, Kadaj slid his hand upward, his fingers shifting and flexing, just barely touching their tips to Cloud’s skin. Up, over his abdomen, the solar plexus, and this his ribs, Kadaj’s palm never quite making contact, and then he lifted it away fully, raising his hand up to his face and looking at it in the darkness. He couldn’t make out the details, but he could see the dark outline of his fingers against the slightly brighter outside world on the other side of the window.

These hands he had used to fight and wrestle, to worm his way into Cloud’s good graces. The struggle for power was one he enjoyed, and the exchange of injuries excited him when their aggression rose up, but right now... right now he just wanted to enjoy the moment, to use his hands to explore pliable flesh, to caress. He wanted to be gentle. It was not something he normally felt compelled to entertain, but just this once....

Lowering his hand again, he turned it and then lightly brushed his knuckles against Cloud’s cheek. He got a soft grunt for his efforts, and Cloud jerked his head slightly to the side, away from the contact, the fingers on his chest working again for a moment before stilling. Smiling, Kadaj withdrew the hand and then shifted himself to laying on his side, his torso propped up on one elbow to keep himself elevated where he could move freely.

Leaning forward, he moved his lips in close to Cloud’s belly, the fringe of hair that fell in front of his face hanging down and lightly laying across the blond’s skin, shifting and swishing lightly as he paused before finally connecting his lips with the soft bump of rib. Cloud shifted again, his head turning to the other wise, into the light from the window, and Kadaj turned his head in that direction, waiting to see if he would awaken. When Cloud appeared to settle and remain asleep, Kadaj turned his attention back to what he was doing, and lightly flicked his tongue out over the blond’s skin.

There was a light taste of salt on his tongue after the lick, and he licked again, beginning to slowly shift his way downward. He followed along the contour of Cloud’s abs, his tongue and lips dipping and rising along with the toned muscles, until he came to the ridge of Cloud’s hips. There he stopped, using his left hand to shift the bedcovers away, revealing that the other man had not worn any boxers into the bed. A small grin crossed his lips at this, and he lightly kissed the swell of hip bone.

Kadaj moved a hand to lightly trails his fingers over Cloud’s lower belly, starting first at the indent of his navel, and then slowly drawing the finger down, lower until he felt the soft, short hairs of Cloud’s groin area, and then lower still, onto the base of his cock. He felt it twitch slightly under his touch, and Cloud shifted again, mumbling softly under his breath. Holding his hand still for a moment, he turned to look up at Cloud’s face, looking for the telltale sign of the blond’s blue eyes opening- but Cloud remained asleep.

“Not for long,” Kadaj murmured and returned his attention southward. He finished dragging the finger down the length of Cloud’s cock, over the swell of the coronal ridge, and then onto the head.

Giving one last quick glance up toward Cloud’s face, Kadaj gingerly slipped the skin back to expose the moist glans, then leaned forward to slip it into his mouth, sucking softly. The body beneath him shifted again, a leg drawing up slightly and a foot whispering softly as it was dragged along the sheet covering the mattress, and he pushed it back down with one hand, giving the thigh a soft pet. Resting with one elbow between Cloud’s legs, he held the cock in his left hand, while his right hand moved to slowly caress Cloud’s belly and ribs.

He pulled back, dragging his lips over the head, then pressed his mouth against it again, giving s hard suck to pull it back into his mouth where his tongue then flicked across the top before slowly swirling around, following the raised ridge. With his left hand wrapped firmly around the shaft, he could feel the pulse of Cloud’s heartbeat beneath the surface, feel the flesh slowly begin to swell and grow, becoming more erect. His tongue brushed across the tip, teasing the slit while he began to suck again, using his left hand to firmly stroke the length of the shaft, sliding the skin backwards and forward in time with the movement of his tongue.

Cloud stirred again, a soft rasping sound drifting to his ears as the blond’s head swung back and forth, and then he felt a hand on his back, fingernails lightly scratching over his shoulder blades. “...Kadaj....” He felt Cloud arch his back as a soft moan escaped the other man’s lips, and the hand at his back suddenly dug nails into his skin.

Pausing, holding the head of Cloud’s cock in his mouth, Kadaj squeezed his eyes shut, rounding his back slightly against the nails prying into his flesh as they instantly pressed deeper, sending a sharp shock of pain down his spine- he was certain there would be a mark there in the morning, perhaps even a little blood. When the pain eased off, leaving a soft throbbing sensation in its wake, he allowed his eyes to open up again, and he turned his head up to Cloud’s face. He could just see the soft glow from Cloud’s mako-tainted eyes, and he knew the blond was fully awake. The nails clawing into him had been intentional.

With a little smirk, Kadaj began to suck again, slowly sliding more of the hard flesh into his mouth, rubbing his lips along the shaft firmly as his tongue teased and tickled at the head. Cloud moaned softly again, and he felt the shift of hips beneath him, rising gently off the bed to push more into his mouth. He allowed the movement, but gripped the shaft firmly with his hand to prevent too much being pushed into his mouth and choking him. Cloud continued to thrust slowly, a low groan issuing from the blond‘s lip, and Kadaj sucked in time with the movements, his hand on Cloud’s lower belly petting and caressing.

Kadaj let the blond keep thrusting into his mouth, his lips rubbing along the head firmly before popping over the ridge and onto the shaft, then back again, each movement eliciting another moan or soft groan from his lover. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the task at hand, taking in the sounds around him; the quick pant of Cloud’s breath, the subtle moans and whimpers, the hiss of flesh sliding along the bed sheets, and distantly, the roar of the ocean and the crying of gulls. When Cloud began to thrust faster, his movements feeling more urgent and his moans becoming louder, Kadaj moved some of his weight onto the hand across the blond’s belly and forced his hips back down to the bed, stifling his mobility and preventing him from moving.

A faint growl left the other man’s hips, and the nails against Kadaj’s back dug in again, raking hard against the wound already left from the first attack, and he winced, a soft hiss escaping his lips around the glans in his mouth. Even still, he used his weight to keep the blond in place as he began to move his mouth again, tongue flicking around the head, caressing and teasing. As his tongue passed the slit again, the slightly sweet taste of precum caught his attention, and he moaned softly, beginning to suck harder, pumping faster, his hand holding onto the shaft squeezing firmly and then releasing in a quick rhythm.

He could feel Cloud’s pulsing heartbeat through his cock, the low throb of blood rushing through veins just beneath the skin, and he timed himself to it, speeding up as Cloud’s heart beat faster. The blond’s moans grew louder, his back arching off of the bed, pushing his belly into the air. Both of his hands fell to his sides, gripping the sheet beneath him as he curled his fingers into fists, his head thrashing back and forth. Kadaj watched the blond from the corners of his eyes, smiling for a moment before bobbing his head quickly, making sure to rub his tongue hard against the head which he could feel swelling further.

Kadaj heard Cloud gasp softly, and felt a sudden jerk of the blond’s hips, and then his mouth was filled with the salty, bitter taste of ejaculate. He lapped at the head as he swallowed down the viscous liquid, Cloud straining against his restraining hand to rock his hips again, a loud, drawn-out groan filling the room. He continued to suck on the head even after the orgasm subsided and Cloud relaxed into the bed again, the blond’s hips twitching occasionally when he flicked his tongue across the sensitive head, until he felt Cloud’s cock losing firmness. Then, gingerly, he pulled it from his mouth, rubbing his lips across the head one last time and then slipping the skin forward again to cover and protect it.

The touch of fingertips on the side of his face drew his attention and he turned to look at Cloud, rising up onto his knees. Those softly glowing blue eyes with fixated on him, and Kadaj stared back for a long moment before turning his body and lowering himself onto Cloud, laying so that his hips rested just between the blond’s legs and he could rest his cheek against the other man’s chest. Eyes closing, he listened to the heart thumping inside, the sound of it soothing and calming. He felt arms slip over his shoulders, one brushing across the wound Cloud had left, and he tensed slightly as a needle of pain made him aware of it again, but then relaxed as fingers began to softly play across the muscles of his back.

He felt the gentle urging of a hand then on his shoulder, making an effort to roll him over, and he lifted his head to look at Cloud, giving it a soft shake, his silver hair swishing in front of his face. “Tomorrow,” he whispered. “You will pay me back tomorrow.”

In the darkness, he could discern a slight nod from the other man, and then Cloud laid his head back, the minor glow of his eyes fading as he closed them. Fingers entangled in his hair, massaging his scalp, and Kadaj rested his cheek against the blond’s chest again, his own eyes closing.

“All right,” came a murmured reply. “Maybe I’ll surprise you....”

Kadaj returned with a soft noise of approval, and then snuggled closer, relaxing as he began to drift off to sleep himself. Beneath him, he could sense Cloud’s own breathing slowing and evening out again, the body relaxing. Using just the corner of his mouth, he planted a soft kiss against the blond’s skin, and then allowed himself to drift to sleep. The last sound he could remember was the soft thump and whoosh of Cloud’s heart inside his chest, the noise a peaceful monotone that reminded him that he was not alone.
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