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Title: Foreplay; pair: KadajxCloud

chibi_nataku made me write drabble >_>

Title: Foreplay
Author: dafadarian
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, really
Summary: A little spar
Critique Wanted: Yes
Dedication: What the hell, I give this one to chibi_nataku for making me a yaoi fan >_
Anything Else: This was my first, and I'm still getting the hang of things. I'm not used to writing such short entries, but I want to keep the mini-fic nice and compact, so it isn't as high on detail as I'd normally write.


Kadaj stood tall with the sun glaring down on his shoulders, warming the black leather of his jacket and making his skin feel warm. He stood, right hand placed firmly on his hip while his left arm was fully extended, Souba gripped tightly and the blade angling downward toward the blond that he had just successfully disarmed. A small smirk crept across his face, and he tilted his head slightly, waiting for the correct response.

Looking back up at him from the ground, eyes narrowed defiantly, Cloud simply gave a quick shake of his head and rose up again, striding over to the fallen sword and hefting it up. Kadaj watched as he spun around on his heel and gave a slight nod of this head. “I never yield,” he murmured. Bringing the sword around again, he set himself into a stance, holding the hilt two handed, and dipped his head just slightly. “On guard.”

Readying himself, the smirk growing when Cloud stood again, Kadaj stepped back and lifted Souba, giving the blade a little spin before settling again. His boots crunched through the grass softly as he moved himself around, beginning to circle the other male, his green eyes trained on his sword and watching for an indication of attack. The light breeze only cooled his skin a little, and the wisps of his hair trembled in front of his eyes where his bangs obscured his vision slightly, and he lifted a hand to brush it away distractedly.

“You’re so disobedient, and you need to be put into your place.” With that, he leapt forward, making another slash with the double bladed katana, and wasn’t disappointed when Cloud raised his sword to block. The blades clashed together, the sound of the metal ringing our, and they leaned in close, each casting a glare at the other for a moment, faces coming close enough to feel each other’s breath, before they pulled away again.

Souba lashed out, the sun glinting sharply across the polished metal, and their swords met again as they circled each other, the ringing of the weapons echoing off the walls of the nearby buildings. Taking a quick step forward, Kadaj swung Souba, ducking down low to use his smaller stature to come up below Cloud’s blade, and swung the twin blades at the blond, stepping back and flipping easily out of reach even as Cloud brought up his sword in a failed block. Landing silently, Kadaj looked on from a distance, his slitted pupils easily catching sight of the two cuts he had sliced into Cloud’s chin, and the two trickles of red blood welling up from the wounds.

“You should let me clean that for you,” he said softly even as he moved in again. Cloud lifted a hand to wipe the blood from his chin and charged toward him, raising the massive sword and swinging it around with ease, the muscles of his arms rippling and shifting beneath his skin. Kadaj let the sight momentarily distract him, and he only just brought Souba up in time to deflect the attack aimed at him, but the force of it sent him stumbling backward a few feet. He made a quick hopping step before fully regaining his balance and grinned,, catching a smirk on Cloud’s lips, then immediately moving to his left and seeking out a new spot to attack.

“I’m fine.”

The blond was still bleeding slowly from the cuts on his chin, but his insistence that he was fine only added to the challenge. A battle of wills was exciting, and Kadaj felt his heart beat just a little faster as he raised Souba. They clashed again, swords crossed between them, and he reached with his right hand over the junction of the blades and flicked his fingers over Cloud’s bloody chin. The blond shoved him off, then, and he smiled as he backed away, raising the fingers to his lips and flicking his tongue out to taste the red liquid. The coppery taste tingled lightly on the tip of his tongue, and he cleaned his fingers before looking to Cloud again.

He had lifted the sword once more, and rushed forward, and Kadaj lifted Souba in turn, stepping toward him and moving the blade to meet and deflect the attack, and he let himself spin around, light on his feet, and raise Souba again in a counterattack. Cloud turned along with him, almost chasing him with the sword, and he found himself narrowly missing a slash as he leapt away, coming to a silent halt in the distance. He watched as Cloud faced him, a determined look crossing his features, the massive blade clutched in both hands.

“You’re slow.” He put little effort into the taunt, speaking more to hear his own voice than to spur the blond to action. Grinning, he began walking forward, both arms spreading as though to show defeat, the tails of his jacket flapping slightly as he walked. He raised a hand and pushed his hair from in front of his face again and kept both eyes on his prey, waiting to see his reaction. There was no disappointment when Cloud rushed forward as he expected, sword raised as though to attack, and Kadaj’s eyebrows only lifted slightly when one of Cloud’s hands detached from the hilt of his sword and sought out his own throat.

He didn’t fight as Cloud pushed him backward, and he soon found his shoulders pressed to the wall. The blond lowered his weapon to the side and then leaned in close. Cloud’s arm rested across his chest, and he enjoyed the contact, sucking in a breath slowly as he gazed into the blue eyes opposite his own. The blond didn’t speak for a long moment, instead leaning closer, until his lips were only mere inches away, and the whispered words drifted to his ears. “Pinned you.”

Cocking his head to the side, Kadaj let the grin return to his face, his head dipping down slightly. The hand gripping his throat was light, not at all determined, and he knew the blond knew this. Even still, he lifted an eyebrow as he raised Souba, having slipped it in between Cloud’s ankles, and after only a moment, he pressed the blades against his groin. “You still lose,” he whispered back, and closed the distance, pressing his lips against Cloud’s. After only a moment, he felt Cloud return the kiss, and the hand at his throat slowly dropped away, trailing lightly over his shoulder and down his arm, before falling to rest at the blond’s side.

His tongue snaked out, flicking out between Cloud’s parted lips, and he slipped a hand up behind the blond’s neck, holding him into the kiss as he allowed Souba to drop down to the ground again. He could taste the other male’s mouth as his tongue sought around, battling with Cloud’s own, and he could smell the slightly musky scent of sweat on the other’s skin, and he suddenly found himself eager to strip him out of his closing and use his tongue to explore his flesh. After a long moment, he pulled back, tentatively, and flicked his gaze up to the other’s eyes. “So, what do you call this?” he asked softly, still keen to learn.

Cloud looked back at him, silent, before finally answering, “It’s called ‘foreplay,’ Kadaj.”

This is my first ever, so please be kind XD
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