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Title: Payback; Pair: KadajxCloud

Title: Payback
Author: dafadarian
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Smut, fluff
Summary: Cloud has to pay Kadaj back for the nice awakening that Kadaj gave him.
Critique Wanted: Yes
Dedication: This one has to go to chibi_nataku too, because it's her Cloud that I learned my characterisation from. Also, it's her fault for making me like yaoi >_>
Anything Else: This one actually took me a long time to finish. Two weeks, I think o_O Also, my intended smut is getting longer and more descriptive, and while I think that's a good thing, I worry that some people might think it's too much. >_< Also, I'm a little nervous about this one, too.... But, I'm always nervous about showing anything I write, so....

Kadaj awoke slowly, taking a long moment to open his eyes and just relax on the bed, into the warm mattress with the blanket puddled around his waist. He could hear the crashing of the waves against the shore outside the window, and it was a calming sound, soothing him as he allowed his mind to clear the sleep-induced fuzz. The salty air from the ocean was carried into the bedroom by the gentle breeze, and he could even hear a soft rustling of the grasses just outside the window.

Eventually, Kadaj’s eyes opened, his pupils dilating a moment before contracting, and he focused his gaze on the ceiling. He traced the multitude of cracks he found there with his eyes, following along them as they snaked across the plaster and branched out, a jagged road traversing the white paint. Absently, his right hand moved up to scratch an itch on his chest, his nails offering release from the offending irritation, and then he forced himself to sit up, rounding his back and extending his arms as he stretched his shoulders and arms.

He winced slightly at a dull throbbing pain over his left shoulder, and he wrinkled his nose, turning his head and twisting around slightly to where he could just see the red scratches that Cloud had left on his skin the night before. Frowning a little, he flexed his shoulders, a slight stinging sensation moving across his flesh, but then he dismissed it, putting it into the back of his mind to focus on other things. The sound of running water and light splashing drifted to his ears, and he turned his head gazing out through the open door. The noises seemed to be coming from the direction of the bathroom, and he surmised that Cloud must be having a shower.

Good, he thought. Gives me time to have breakfast.

Sliding from the bed, he stood and stretched his arms upward again, over his head, and arched his back, even raising up onto the balls of his feet, a low, soft groan leaving his lips. His muscles felt somewhat tense, stiff, and didn’t want to move, but he forced them by rocking his torso back and forth a few times, and then dropped his hands back down to his sides again. Giving his head a little shake, his silver hair slapping around his face, Kadaj walked over to the window and leaned against it, hands gripping the lower sill, and gazed out over the beach.

The blue-grey waves washed up onto the shore, the foam pushed up onto the sandy beach before retreating again, and gulls cried and dived at the water, splashing down before resurfacing. Even the sky was slightly overcast, the clouds steely in colour, but the sombreness of it was relaxing, the lack of over-stimulation from sights and sounds letting his mind come to ease and his thoughts still. As he stood there and watched the horizon, he considered crawling through the window and just walking along the water line, letting the wet sand well up between his toes, letting the cool wind caress his naked skin and shift his hair around his head.

He suddenly realised, then, that he was leaning out the window, bare hips pressed against the windowsill. Blinking, he almost pulled back into the room, but then stopped himself, and instead closed his eyes, tilting his head upward. The breeze chilled his exposed throat and sent goose bumps racing up both arms, the light silver hairs standing up on end, even as a shiver ran down his back, almost feeling like an icy finger had traced a line from the base of his skull to the base of his spine. A quiet hhhhaa sound whispered out through his slightly parted lips, and he shuddered again.

The weather had taken a turn for the worse overnight, and he doubted now that he would be taking any comfortable strolls along the seaside today. But, despite his preoccupation with the cool weather, he did become aware of a presence standing behind him, and he wondered, then, how he had allowed himself to be snuck up on. The heavy feeling of eyes on his back, settled between his shoulders, was almost unnerving, and his eyelids slowly raised up, green irises becoming visible again. Pulling himself back into the bedroom, he settled himself more comfortably, but didn’t turn around.

He tensed slightly as warm fingers touched his naked flesh. The contact was light, almost tentative, and before he could speak, it was pulled away again, leaving five warm spots against his skin until the memory of the sensation faded. A soft voice came to his ears; “You all right?”

“I’m fine,” he returned, still gazing at the water, though another shiver disturbed him and his hackles rose slightly, the hairs at the nape of his neck rising up, the feeling almost ticklish.

A palm was placed against the scratches covering his left shoulder, and he winced slightly even as Cloud said, “I’m sorry about this.”

He shrugged. “S’ok.”

Watching another gull hovering above the rolling waves, his eyes half-lidded, he sensed Cloud leaning closer to him, and then warm breath washed over his neck. He waited to see if the blond would complete the move and press lips against his throat, but after a long moment and nothing else happened, Kadaj tilted his head slightly and turned just enough to see a small sliver of the other man’s face. Those intense blue eyes were focused on him, a single eyebrow barely lifted. His own green ones stared back, and he almost found himself lost in the gaze, in the way the striations of blue faded in an out, and even in the lightest hint of green encircling the pupil.

Then, finally; “You don’t need my permission.”

“I do.”

“You don’t. When will you stop asking?”


With an exasperated sigh, Kadaj rolled his eyes and looked out at the water again. That warm breath was still against his neck, the contact still not made, and he waited patiently for any other move. It was frustrating... waiting. He was always so forward, so demanding, so transparent in his want and his desires, and yet his lover was always so cautious and timid, asking for what Kadaj would normally just take. To be the pursuer was fun, a challenge, and thrilling, like a predator after its prey. Sometimes, though, he desired to be the pursued. Yet, if he wanted to accept this affection....

“Fine. You can touch me. I want you to touch me. I wish you would just do it without asking, I’m not going to shove you away from me.”

Stepping back slightly from the open window, Kadaj crossed his arms over his chest, fingers tapping lightly against his biceps. He felt the light brush of lips across his throat as he moved and then settled, and he leaned his head to the side, eyes closing, inviting more from Cloud. A moment passed, and then another, and he almost thought there would be no intimate contact, but then, agonisingly slowly, he felt the breath over his skin again, and then a light kiss, quickly followed by a more firm one. A tremble coursed through his body as he felt light teeth nibbling at him; a hand slid across his ribs until it reached his belly, and then both arms pulled him into an embrace.

He leaned against Cloud’s chest, the soft knit of the blond’s sweater pressing against his back, and exhaled slowly as fingers played lightly across his belly. Eyes darting across the cold grey waters of the ocean, he saw the first little flicker of lightning, and after several seconds, the lower rumble of thunder drifted to his ears. He could even smell the ozone on the wind, and his heart pounded a little in anticipation of the storm. The hand against his belly moved, fingers trailing lightly to the curve of his hip and then across the rounded swell of thigh muscle. The teeth at his throat nipped a little harder, the blond’s spiked hair brushing against his cheek, and then Cloud pulled his head up and rested his chin lightly against Kadaj’s shoulder.

“We should get you warmed up.”

The words were whispered into his ear, the warm breath over his skin sending another shiver down his spine. Then the hands were pulling at him, Cloud moving away and tugging at his arms to follow, and Kadaj allowed himself to be lead over to the bed, turned, and then sat down on the edge. Cloud stood in front of him, a hand reaching out and touching Kadaj’s cheek, a soft caress from his temple, along the line of his jaw, and then across his chin, the hand pausing just for a moment to rub a thumb over his lips.

Another flash of light from the corner of his eye caught his attention and Kadaj turned his head to look out the window, more rumbling coming in off the ocean, and the breeze picked up, cooler than before. The sky outside was turning darker, the clouds building up, and the waves crashing along the shore line were hitting harder as the increased wind drove the water farther up onto the beach. The rustling of clothing next to him brought his mind back to the bedroom, and he looked up to find a pair of intense blue eyes gazing into his own. Cloud was leaning closer to him, hands planted onto the bed at either side of him, and was looking intently at him. He could see the irises darting around, seeming to look over different parts of his face.

After a long moment, he watched as Cloud leaned in closer to him and pressed their lips together, and he kissed back, his tongue snaking out from between his lips and lapping at Cloud’s own. He straightened his back, leaning up slightly to put more force behind the kiss until Cloud pulled back, breaking the contact. He watched as Cloud slowly began to kneel in front of him, the blond’s hands moving to his knees and parting them so that he could settle in between. Kadaj kept his gaze even as the blond watched back, leaning in to lightly kiss and lick at his ribs

Extending his arms behind himself, Kadaj leaned back on his hands and closed his eyes, letting his head fall back a little. Lips caressed his skin, moving lightly, leaving a warm trail from the ridge of his ribs to his navel, and then he felt the light flick of a tongue lower on his belly. Drawing in a slow, deep breath, he held it for a long moment as a small fluttering sensation built up low in his stomach. Fingers trailed lightly across his hips and onto his thighs, then down and around to his inner thighs, caressing and tickling lightly, moving in dangerously close to his slowly growing erection before darting away again.

His held breath left his lips almost explosively as the gentle kisses and licks worked their way lower, across his belly and then to the crease of his leg where thigh met hip, the wet tongue darting out to flick across his skin. The growing thunder outside the open window was almost drowned out by the sound of his own heavy breathing, his chest hitching slightly as a cheek and soft blond hair brushed against his tumescent cock, and he resisted the urge to shift himself away from the contact.

Eyes still closed and lips parted, he let his head fall farther back, relaxing more into the mattress. His throat worked as he swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry when those lips touched his skin again, starting at the base of his cock and working their way slowly along the firm shaft, just barely touching, teasing, just the barest hint of warm breath caressing his flesh. A shiver started at the base of his neck and raced its way down his spine, and he felt his arms begin to tremble as those lips continued to move until they reached the head, where they paused, hovering just close enough to brush up against him and send small sparks of pleasure darting through his body.

He felt one of Cloud’s hands move up the inside of his thigh again, brushing lightly against the small spattering of silver hairs which grew from his skin, and then fingers firmly rubbed across his shaft before the hand wrapped firmly around his cock, giving it a firm squeeze which caused his body to tense and he took in a soft, hissing breath. A low groan issued from deep inside his throat, followed by a mild whimper as he pushed his hips up against the hand holding him- but Cloud pushed back, forcing him down. Kadaj’s eyes snapped open and he pulled his head back up to look down at the blond sitting between his legs, lips poised just above the swollen head of his cock. Cloud seemed to be looking back up at him, a small smirk across his face.

Kadaj watched at Cloud snaked his tongue out and licked his lips almost suggestively before flicking the tip of it lightly against the head of his cock. He jumped slightly, a tiny flinch, but then he stilled himself, his eyes intent and staring hard at the other man. The tongue darted out again, just tapping against his skin, and this time he remained still, unmoving, clenching his jaws to stop himself from speaking and demanding more. Cloud would take his time, Cloud would give him what he wanted soon enough, Cloud would choose the pace and make it worth the wait....

But, he wanted it now damn it.

Testing Cloud’s resistance, he pushed his hips up again against the hand holding him down, and he felt a moment’s give before he was shoved back to the mattress, and the blond narrowed his eyes just slightly, scowling up at him. Another flash a lightning beyond the window briefly illuminated the room, and he got a clear view of the blond’s blue eye; then the light had faded and the room returned to dimness. Slowly, the blond leaned forward, pressing parted lips against his cock, and Kadaj tensed, forcing himself to take slow breaths as Cloud’s mouth slowly engulfed the sensitive head and began to suck softly. The hand wrapped firmly around his shaft began to move, too, sliding along his length, slowly shifting the loose skin in time with the sucking. It was all he could do to stop himself collapsing back onto the bed as little bolts of pleasure raced through him.

Instead, with a low moan, he forced himself to sit up more, forced himself not to move as the blond worked on him, teasing and licking with his tongue, caressing with both hands, using his lips to stroke across the engorged head. It was an incredible sensation, a pleasant tingling, an almost painful tickle along the length of his cock, the feeling spreading out from his groin and across his lower belly. He took a sharp intake of breath when he felt Cloud sliding his lips farther down the length of the shaft, slipping more of him into the warm, wet mouth, and Kadaj groaned softly and squeezed his eyes shut, determined to enjoy it for as long as it lasted.

He felt Cloud pull back again, firmly dragging pliant lips against his skin, and then the head was being sucked again, more firmly then before, and his tongue flicking and licking, teasing against the slit. Kadaj whimpered, squirming just a little where he sat, the sensations almost unbearable, almost overwhelming. His breathing grew ragged and loud to his own ears, and again all of the ocean sounds outside of the window were blocked out as his entire focus was placed solely on what Cloud was doing to his body. He pushed his hips up again, defiantly, a little growl sounding from low within his throat when Cloud ignored his little plea, and instead began to slow his ministrations, starting to pull back away.

Lifting one hand, Kadaj reached out and slid his fingers into the blond’s spiky hair, gripping onto the locks firmly, and his green eyes opened to stare intently at Cloud. “Don’t you stop, don’t you dare,” he whispered through clenched teeth, and to make his point, he pulled Cloud’s head back toward him.

The blond didn’t resist, and Kadaj was sure he saw a little grin on the other’s face, but then Cloud resumed sucking on the puffy head and sliding his hands firmly along the shaft. That buzzing, tingling feeling was growing rapidly, and the muscles along his legs flexed and strained as he resisted the instinct to just start thrusting again. His hand on top of Cloud’s head remained, unwilling to let go lest the blond try to abandon him, and he squirmed more, almost thrashing as the pleasure hit a sudden plateau, and he cried out, his hips bucking for a moment.

He could feel his own cock throbbing slightly, feel the rush of fluid as it exited into the blond’s mouth, and even the motions of Cloud swallowing could be discerned as the blond continued to suck and lick at the head. He continued to moan softly, his back arching and muscles stiffening hard, a quiet whine filling the room, and then he had to shove the other man away as the attention to his oversensitive cock became too much. He released his hold on Cloud’s hair and looked down at him, panting softly, his own silver hair hanging limply across his view. Cloud was sitting back on his heels, that familiar smirk returned.

Slowly, the blond stood up just in front of him, and Kadaj tilted his head back to look up at him. Distantly, he was aware that rain was falling outside, splattering against the side of the cabin, the ocean’s waves roaring and crashing along the beach, and even of the thunder rolling across the sky. But, at the moment, none of that mattered. Also, dimly, he realised that he was no longer cold, the goose bumps along his skin gone, and instead his flesh felt warm, even with a light sheen of sweat covering his form. Cloud extended one arm and brushed his knuckles against Kadaj’s cheek, and Kadaj closed his eyes, leaning his head into the contact before the blond pulled away again.

“Get some clothes,” Cloud murmured softly. Then, he turned on his heel and began to leave the room.

Kadaj didn’t stop him. He watched Cloud’s retreating form until he disappeared from view around the doorway, then, slowly, he pushed himself up to his feet. Walking over to the open window, he placed his hands against the windowsill and leaned out slightly, letting the cold rain drops splash against his skin, cooling it again. The sky was a steely-grey, punctuated time to time by jagged streaks of lightning, and the ocean, as well, was a matching shade with several darker patches of deep blue, and highlights of white sea foam. The breeze, too, was still strong, but bearable, and the cold no longer bothered him as he still felt the residual heat from his orgasm. He could stand here all day and watch the waters, watch the birds diving and squawking at each other. He should get himself dressed, but, in the meantime.... The beach... he liked the beach.
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