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A community for sharing fics, fanart, icons, and anything for this pair so long as Kadaj is seme and Cloud is uke. (If you prefer the other way around, then cloudxkadaj is the place for you!)


This is a community for fans of Kadaj from the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and Cloud Strife from the game Final Fantasy VII and movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Fiction, artwork, icons, scans, screenshots, etc and so on are welcome, as are civil discussions about the characters.

This community is slash/yaoi friendly (obviously....) so if you are offended by this, don't join. Flaming and general assholishness is not welcome here.


1.) No flaming or attacking of other members, this pairing, or the applied roles of seme/uke.
2.) If critique of fiction, artwork, icons, etc is not wanted, please respect the wishes of the poster.
3.) Don't come here to bash other pairings or characters.
4.) Use an lj-cut tag for long fics, large images, or posts containing more than three icons.
5.) Conversation drift is natural, but please keep initial posts on topic.
6.) You must like the KadajxCloud pairing.

Posting Guidelines: (remove any not appplicable)

Fanfiction (just copy/paste!)
<b>Warnings</b> (such as death-fic, rape, etc):
<b>Critique Wanted</b>: Yes/No
<b>Anything Else</b>:

Fanart (just copy/paste!)
<b>Warnings</b> (such as death, rape, etc):
<b>Critique Wanted</b>: Yes/No
<b>Anything Else</b>:


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